Dupont Molykote Silicone Dry Film Lubricant Molykote® 557


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Silicone Dry Film Lubricant - Molykote® 557 - Dupont Molykote
Midland, MI, United States
Silicone Dry Film Lubricant Molykote® 557
Extreme-pressure, dry film lubricant provides exceptional release and lubricating properties Molykote® 557 Silicone Dry Film Lubricant is: An extreme-pressure lubricant with exceptional release properties for cutting and forming metals, and with lubricating properties for heavily loaded tracks, cams, slides, etc. Colorless in thin films Nonstaining to paper or fabrics The solvent evaporates after application, leaving a nearly transparent, thin film. This lubricant film begins to melt at 32°C (90°F) and adheres tenaciously to most surfaces, whether in a solid or fluid state. APPLICATIONS Molykote® 557 Silicone Dry Film Lubricant can be used: In steel production where it can increase slitter-blade life, resulting in clean, square edges In aluminum production where it can lengthen the life of tools and dies, improve surface finish, lubricate sliding surfaces and surfaces during extruding, deep drawing or spinning In machine shops where it can improve surface finishes; extend the life of cutting tools, taps, dies, drills, slitters, and forming tools; reduce wear and reduce stick-slip or metal seizure on bearings, slides, cams adjusting screws, guides and ways For textile, paper and woodworking industries where it can reduce wear and friction and reduce product staining from spinning frames, knives, scissors, punches, chain, conveyors or material-handling equipment For rubber and plastic industries where it can reduce sticking, pickup or product contamination from handling equipment, knives, conveyors or sliding surfaces
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Technical Specifications

  Dupont Molykote
Product Category Industrial Lubricants
Product Number Molykote® 557
Product Name Silicone Dry Film Lubricant
Type Solid or Dry Film Lubricant
Composition / Chemistry Synthetic or Semi-synthetic; Silicone
Grade / Approvals ASTM D 2596
Flash Point 102 F (39 C)
Industry Applications Metal Working; Machine, Gears, Spindles, Ways and Final Drives; Process Equipment, Tanks, Reactor or Lines
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