Nelson Fastener Systems Stud Weld Cable Hanger Fasteners - CrimpLok ™ Cable Hangers


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Stud Weld Cable Hanger Fasteners - CrimpLok ™ Cable Hangers
Nelson marine hangers are generally used in the shipbuilding industry to support and retain electrical cables. They are mounted on CPL studs that have been welded to the ship’s structure. The hangers have been vibration tested, and are United States Navy approved. CrimpLok™ style hangers are crimped directly onto the cables to retain them, and are made from stainless steel or mild steel with an electrozinc or neoprene coating option. Nelson’s CrimpFold marine cable hangers combine the split-second fastening capabilities of stud welding with a proven method of cable attachment. The hanger has enough design flexibility to handle different diameters and quantities of cables, yet has very desirable mounting simplicity and speed. The use of Nelson’s studs and marine cable hangers allows painting and insulation to be installed prior to permanent cable installation, thus reducing time spent on overall component installation. All studs cable hangers, seen at right, are tapped 3/8”-16.
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  Nelson Fastener Systems
Product Category Wire and Cable Clips
Product Name Stud Weld Cable Hanger Fasteners - CrimpLok ™ Cable Hangers
Type C Style Clip; J Style Clip; U Style Clip
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