DieQua Corporation Double Planetary Shaft Phasing Gearbox Tandler DP2 Series

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Double Planetary Shaft Phasing Gearbox - Tandler DP2 Series - DieQua Corporation
Bloomingdale, IL, United States
Double Planetary Shaft Phasing Gearbox Tandler DP2 Series
The Tandler series PD2 Double Planetary speed correction gearbox is a dual stage planetary gearbox used for inline shaft phasing or narrow range speed control. The unit is offered in a 1:1 ratio and is available in 7 standard sizes. Features Low Backlash: Less play in the system provides predictable motion control Low Transmission Error: Precision gearing virtually eliminates velocity and position errors within a given revolution Right Angle or Inline: Dual drive options and multiple shaft arrangements enhance design versatility 360 Degree Correction: Allows for infinite adjustability in either direction Machined Housing: Mounting is possible on 6 surfaces Machined Flanges: Perfect for accurate shaft centering Reversing Option: Manual or pneumatic control can declutch or reverse rotation Specs Power capacities from 1 – 75HP Inline ratios of 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1
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  DieQua Corporation
Product Category Adjustable Speed Drives
Product Number Tandler DP2 Series
Product Name Double Planetary Shaft Phasing Gearbox
Speed Control Motor
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