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Attenuating Gloves - APFG 65 - diaago
Danville, CA, United States
Attenuating Gloves APFG 65
Protect your hands from scattered beam radiation exposure during fluoroscopic procedures. Composed of a lead-free, non-latex, synthetic rubber formulation, BioSmith Attenuating Gloves avoid both the proteinaceous sensitivities associated with natural latex, as well as EPA heavy-metal toxicity disposal concerns. At a nominal 9 mils in thickness, BioSmith Attenuating Gloves offer excellent flexibility, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity. The thinness also helps reduce finger fatigue. Available in sterile, ready-to-use individual packages in the following sizes: Size 6½ - F&L Item #APFG 65 Size 7 - F&L Item #APFG 70 Size 7½ - F&L Item #APFG 75 Size 8 - F&L Item #APFG 80 Size 8½ - F&L Item #APFG 85 Size XL - F&L Item #APFG XL
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Safety Clothing
Product Number APFG 65
Product Name Attenuating Gloves
Industry Pharmaceutical/Medical
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