DeZURIK, Inc. Hilton Thru-Port Gate Valves (H-1500)

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Hilton Thru-Port Gate Valves (H-1500) -  - DeZURIK, Inc.
Sartell, MN, United States
Hilton Thru-Port Gate Valves (H-1500)
Fabricated Thru-Port bonneted or bonnetless designs with unobstructed round port or diamond shaped opening for precise flow control. Can be used for slurries, solids and granular applications. Available with resilient seat for tight shut-off. Click on the animation below to see how a Hilton H-1500 Thru-Port Gate Valve is capable of closing through a standing column of dry material. As the gate slides closed, it carries a slice of the media into the valve body. When the valve slides open, it pulls the slice of media from the body back into the flowing media stream.
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  DeZURIK, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Name Hilton Thru-Port Gate Valves (H-1500)
Primary Material Stainless Steel; Steel; Valves are available in solid or wetted parts construction in any weldable alloy, including Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel and Titanium.
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