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Cellular Bumpers & Buffers
Cellular buffers are characterized by high energy absorption with long compression lengths. This results in low final pressures and favorable retardation values. Cellular buffers are made from a cellular polyurethane elastomer with high structural resistance. Their principal quality is the volume compressibility, which is responsible for their relatively low transverse expansion during load application. Cellular buffers are resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbons, such as oil and grease, and against ageing. A general resistance can therefore be assumed for technical applications. The cellular buffers are not resistant to strong acids and alkalies. The operating temperature is between –20°C and +80°C. Generally special types are only offered and supplied on request. If cellular buffers are mounted over 3 m high they have to be secured by installation of safety ropes. Material of the cellular body Standard quality: Cellular polyurethane elastomer with volumetric weight 0.53 g/cm³ Special quality: For dynamic load and high elasticity Special volumetric weight 0.35 g/cm³ (soft) to 0.65 g/cm³ (hard)
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