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Vertical Capstans -  - David Round
Streetsboro, OH, USA
Vertical Capstans
SUMMARY OF FEATURES Starting load capacity from 2,000 lbs to 8,000 lbs Running load capacity from 1,000 lbs to 4,000 lbs VERTICAL CAPSTANS FOR RAILWAY, MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL PULLING APPLICATIONS Commonly used for rail car spotting along sidings, each vertical drum capstan features high starting torque to enable an initial load pulling capacity – double the rated capacity. By incorporating sealed components to withstand outdoor applications, these units may even be deck-mounted on marine vessels to pull water-soaked lines, nets and equipment on board. With various drum diameters, motor styles and line speeds, vertical capstans may be customized to fit specific requirements. VERTICAL CAPSTAN APPLICATIONS Rail car positioning along sidings Marine vessel mooring assistance and line recovery Dredging and work barge load handling Cart shuttling Cable tensioning Load capacity rated for single line pull. This equipment is not to be used for lifting or supporting people. Information on other models are available by your David Round representative. All are available in Stainless Steel and Made in the U.S.A.
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