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Horizontal Capstans -  - David Round
Streetsboro, OH, USA
Horizontal Capstans
Powered Load Positioners Streamline Pulling Operations Ergonomically sound, the David Round powered load positioner protects workers from backbreaking tasks. This horizontal capstan eliminates manual load lifting and pulling by motorizing load handling. Control load line take-up and outlay with either a push-button pendant or a hands-free foot switch. Single, two and variable-speed units are available in a wide range of capacities. Riggers, installers, operators and service technicians can be protected from injuries caused by load shifts and overexertion by securing a load to a capstan load positioner. An enclosed gear train with oil bath lubrication provides reliability when moving pallets, loading trailers, lifting nets, tensioning cables, clamping assemblies and guiding equipment. All products are available in Stainless Steel and Made in the U.S.A. BENEFITS Pull pallets, cars and oversized loads from trailers Guide and position equipment during installations Tug weldments into place for final fitting Tension cables during assembly operations Raise equipment to overhead line workers Lift pumps and mixers through access hatches SUMMARY OF FEATURES Capacities from 250 lb. to 2,000 lb. Line speeds up to 100 FPM Available with electric, air and hydraulic motors Single, two and variable-speeds available in a wide range of capacities
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