Dataforth Corporation Accelerometer Input Module SCM5B48-01

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Accelerometer Input Module - SCM5B48-01 - Dataforth Corporation
Tucson, AZ, USA
Accelerometer Input Module SCM5B48-01
The SCM5B48 provides excitation to piezoelectric sensors with built-in microelectronic amplifiers, commonly known as ICP®* or IEPE* or LIVM* sensors. The module provides a constant current excitation to the sensor, then isolates, filters, and amplifies the sensor output, yielding a high-level analog voltage output. The excitation current, signal gain, and filter high-pass and low-pass cutoff frequencies are field-configurable through a set of slide switches. Six poles of signal filtering in the SCM5B48 module result in greater than 100dB of normal-mode rejection for signal frequencies above the cutoff frequency. One pole of filtering is on the field side of the isolation barrier for anti-aliasing purposes and the remaining five-pole programmable Bessel filter is located on the system side. High-pass filtering is achieved through a second order passive filter, located on the field side. If desired, the output switch can be turned on continuously by simply connecting pin 22, the Read-Enable pin, to I/O Common, pin 19. The SCM5B48 offers the option of setting the constant current source for sensor excitation to common values of 4mA or 9mA with a compliance voltage of 24VDC. Programmable gains of 1, 10 and 100 are selectable and the module offers a ±10V output. The required supply level is +5VDC, ±5%. To ensure protection of expensive data acquisition equipment, the SCM5B48 module signal inputs and sensor excitation outputs are protected against accidental connection of voltages up to 240Vrms. *ICP is a registered trademark of PCB Group Inc. *IEPE is Integrated Electronic Piezo-Electric *LIVM is Low Impedance Voltage Mode
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Technical Specifications

  Dataforth Corporation
Product Category Accelerometers
Product Number SCM5B48-01
Product Name Accelerometer Input Module
Frequency Range 0.2000 to 20000 Hz
Sensor Technology Piezoelectric
Sensor Outputs Acceleration
Operating Temperature -40 to 185 F (-40 to 85 C)
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