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Waste Gas Treatment Electrostatic Dust Collector EDC
Electrostatic Fine Dust Collection with EDC at the Point-of-Use Electrostatic Fine Dust Collection with EDC The Waste Gas Treatment Product and Service Portfolio of DAS includes EDC, an electrostatic dust collector responsible for the treatment of particle-containing or aerosol-containing process waste gases up to 90 m³/h as they accrue, for example, in solar cell manufacturing. The dust collector reduces particle emissions of even the finest particles up to 99.9 %. Operating Principle of the EDC Product Line The waste gases are introduced in a pre-scrubber and following in a tank which is simultaneously storage tank for the scrubbing liquid. The pre-scrubber is equipped with nozzles, which saturate the gas flow with water, and create a turbulent flow. Afterwards, the waste gas is channeled into the electrostatic dust collector tube, where the contained particles are ionized and precipitated in a grounded water film on the water wall. The filtered fine dust is suspended into the scrubber solution. The dust collector is equipped with an automatic self-cleaning mechanism for the emission electrodes. Remaining residual gases meet the strict German standards for air pollution law (TA Luft). The following equipment options are available for all EDC systems: Power Supply: 3 x 400 V/50 Hz or 3 x 208 V/60 Hz Pressure controlled fan Lye supply system Process-Tool-Interfa ce Signal Tower Drip Pan Earthquake Safety Kit Monitoring
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  DAS Environmental Expert GmbH
Product Category Dust Collectors and Dust Collector Filters
Product Number EDC
Product Name Waste Gas Treatment Electrostatic Dust Collector
Separation / Filtration System Electrostatic Precipitators
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