Qualitrol Company, LLC Qualitrol STB-200 Polar Xtreme® Smart Transformer Breather

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Qualitrol STB-200 Polar Xtreme® Smart Transformer Breather -  - Qualitrol Company, LLC
Fairport, NY, United States
Qualitrol STB-200 Polar Xtreme® Smart Transformer Breather
Harsh polar climates require transformer accessories designed and engineered to handle these extreme cold environments. Qualitrols line of Polar Xtreme® instruments tackle these temperature extremes to ensure performance even on the coldest days of the year (down to -60 ˚C). Feature Reduce maintenance costs with learned transformer breathing patterns and self-regenerating desiccant Color changing silica gel desiccant allows for a visual confirmation of breather regeneration Multiple communication options including 4-20 mA, RS-485 MODBUS and local USB port provide for a variety of monitoring solutions for any application Front mounted indication LED lights of green, amber, and red indicate breather status and alarm capabilities Oil desiccant size of 136,000 liters/36,000 gallons Options Polar models offer additional internal heaters to withstand harsh temperatures down to -60 °C Multiple mounting options available for new or retrofit installation Includes a solenoid valve that closes during the regeneration process to ensure moisture is not wicked into the transformer accidentally Applications The Qualitrol Polar Xtreme® Smart Transformer Breather removes moisture from air entering oil-filled transformers or LTC conservators. The PE breathers regenerate and operate in the same manner as the standard line of breathers offered by Qualitrol, but offer additional protection for the polar climate. Polar Xtreme® breathers are engineered to house additional heaters to prevent condensate water from freezing at the outlet of the breather. The addition of these heaters ensures proper drainage after the silica gel has been regenerated in extremely cold temperatures.
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  Qualitrol Company, LLC
Product Category Compressed Air Dryers
Product Name Qualitrol STB-200 Polar Xtreme® Smart Transformer Breather
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