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Elizabethtown, NC, USA
NEMA Contractor
Joslyn Clark offers AC contactor products that conform to NEMA standards. These NEMA contactor solutions come in two frame sizes: NEMA size 00-2 NEMA size 3-4 Joslyn Clark NEMA contactor line comes with optional vertical or horizontal mounting. These NEMA contactor products are versatile and reliable. In accordance with their NEMA compliance, these AC contactor products have exceptional long life. Furthermore, Joslyn Clark AC contactor products are exceptionally user-friendly. A Joslyn Clark electric motor starter fitted with an AC contactor may be quickly and efficiently field modified to accommodate a change in motor horsepower or control circuit. In addition, many Joslyn Clark NEMA contactor features are designed to make utilization as efficient as possible: These AC contactor solutions support additional power poles for 4 pole implementations Joslyn Clark has a full range of Class 20 heater elements available Encapsulated coil keyed for correct installation, the plug-in interface negates the need for wiring. NEMA contactor applications available in low energy varieties. AC contactor products available with auxiliary contacts available (in addition to the standard sealed-in contact) The amount of primary contacts are minimized to create designed-in reliability but can be increased to a maximum of 8 3 additional contacts are available (as per cavity mounting) 4 additional contacts are available (as per N.O. Side mounting) Each AC contactor uses silver cadmium oxide contacts to increase reliability The amount of connections in Joslyn Clark electric motor starter assemblies are minimized to enable quicker troubleshooting and replacement Each NEMA AC contactor uses a bimetallic class 20 relay, adjustable to ±15% The AC contactor assemblies can be reset automatically, manually, or permanently manual (with automatic functionality completely removed) Easy wire installation via “poke-in” spring loaded terminals Additionally, these AC contactor implementations are adjustable to compensate for ambient conditions.
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Product Category Electrical Contactors
Product Name NEMA Contractor
Poles 1 to 4
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