Qualitrol Company, LLC BEN 6000 Extreme Digital Fault Recorder

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BEN 6000 Extreme Digital Fault Recorder -  - Qualitrol Company, LLC
Fairport, NY, United States
BEN 6000 Extreme Digital Fault Recorder
Extreme digital fault recorder and power generation monitor with multi functional capabilities contained in one device including: Digital Fault Recorder (DFR), Dynamic System Monitor, Dynamic Monitoring Equipment, Dynamic Disturbance Recorder, Continuous Recorder, Class A Power Quality Meter (PQM), Phasor Measurement Unity (PMU), Fault Location, and Sequence of Events (SER) display with full NERC compliance. Features Leverages investment with many critical functions built into one device Achieve cost effective,integrated , automated substation via IEC 61850 Utilizes the most accurate and highly flexible system acquisition topology Monitor large networks from one,single high-channel capacity system 16 bit analog to digital resolution and up to 12kHz sampling rate Shunts for current measurement to obtain high accuracy 0.2% on current One analog to digital converter per channel Ability to monitor frequency on every voltage channel Flash disk mass storage as standard (hard disk optional) Triggered recordings (3 speeds) Contains continuous recorder – can provide more than one month of recording independently of eventual triggering conditions Centralized OR decentralized architecture Real time embedded operating system Remote acquisition units for 8 analog channels and 16 digitals as small as 89mm (3.5 inches) high Dynamic swing monitor enables combination of any inputs to create derived quantities to trigger long duration records Cross triggering capability for improved fault identification – allows fast digital fault recording and/or slow signals High synchronization (<5μs) on any channel Options Class A power quality profiling (IEC 61000-4-30) Continuous recording function for disturbance monitoring (provides more than one months worth of data,recording independently from eventual triggering conditions) Phasor Measurement Unit – PMU (IEEE C37.118 – 2005) BEN Extreme service package – best-in-class service support Applications The BEN 6000 is a high resolution, extreme digital fault recorder designed to monitor electrical signals in generation, transmission, and distribution networks and in industrial electrical energy installations Unlike all other fault recorders, the BEN 6000 falls within the Extreme class, that is, it is designed to operate in the harshest of conditions. It has the unique benefit of providing the highest immunity levels in the world. As a result, a utility or power generation facility will never miss a record!
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  Qualitrol Company, LLC
Product Category Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Equipment
Product Name BEN 6000 Extreme Digital Fault Recorder
Instrument Type Condition Monitor / Fault Detector
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