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Current Source 224
The 224 is a Current Source from Keithley. A current source is a type of electronic test equipment in circuit form that can deliver or absorb electrical current that’s independent of the voltage across its terminals. There are two types of current sources: dependent and independent. A dependent current source delivers an electric current that is proportional to another voltage in the circuit. An independent current source delivers a constant current. Additional Features: Display: 0.5 in LED digits, 4½-digit signed mantissa, 1-digit signed exponent Maximum Allowable Common Mode Voltage (Output or Output Common to Chassis): 250 V RMS, DC to 60 Hz Increment/Decrement: automatic, manual or trigger modes Range of Dwell Times: 50 ms to 999.9 s Output Load: Output load must be non-inductive External Trigger: TTL-compatible External Trigger Input and Output Output Connections: Teflon® insulated 2-lug triax connector (specialty connector 30JR121-1) for output; five way binding posts for GUARD, OUTPUT COMMON and CHASSIS GROUND; BNC (chassis isolated) connectors for EXTERNAL TRIGGER INPUT and OUTPUT All connections on rear panel The Keithley 224 programmable current source was designed for general purpose bench or system use. The INCREMENT/DECREMENT function is manual or automatic, and selectable dwell times provide stepped ramp capabilities.
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  ValueTronics International, Inc.
Product Category Power Supplies
Product Number 224
Product Name Current Source
Type Current Source
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