Daheng New Epoch Technology, Inc. Ground Glass Diffusers GCL-2011

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Ground Glass Diffusers GCL-2011
The GCL-2011 series diffuser is suitable for applications that require a Gaussian distribution of scattered light intensity. There are three polishing specifications: 220, 600 and 1500 grits. The polishing surface specifications for different purposes can realize a variety of scattering applications from coarse to fine. Generally, coarse sand (220-grit) can achieve better diffuse scattering, but the transmittance is lower; while fine polishing (600-grit and 1500-grit) has a lower diffuse scattering effect but higher transmittance. When using and installing the diffuser, the polished surface should be far away from the light source. There are φ25.4mm and φ50.8mm diffusers each grits. GCL-201201 alignment sheet is a ground glass diffuser with 1500-grit on both sides, with an 1 mm alignment hole in the middle. Due to the diffuse reflection characteristics of the grounded glass, the beam size and spot position can be seen. The alignment sheet is used to observe the beam state and the position of the exiting beam in the optical path, and it is convenient to adjust the optical path.
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Technical Specifications

  Daheng New Epoch Technology, Inc.
Product Category Optical Lenses
Product Number GCL-2011
Product Name Ground Glass Diffusers
Center Thickness 2 mm (0.0787 inch)
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