Daheng New Epoch Technology, Inc. Negative Achromatic Doublets GCL-0107

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Negative Achromatic Doublets GCL-0107
An achromatic-doublet consists of a negative low-index(crown glass)cemented with a positive high-index(flint glass)lens. These lenses are computer-optimized for infinite conjugate ratio. While the output rays do not actually meet to form a real point, they appear to be diverging from a virtual point located on the object side of the lens.
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Technical Specifications

  Daheng New Epoch Technology, Inc.
Product Category Optical Lenses
Product Number GCL-0107
Product Name Negative Achromatic Doublets
Center Thickness 4.6 to 12 mm (0.1811 to 0.4724 inch)
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