Daco Hand Controllers Trackballs

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Trackballs are ideal for applications that require the precise positioning of a cursor on a display screen. Daco trackballs are extremely robust and are designed to provide an exceptionally smooth, free and linear action. Daco has designed their trackballs to deliver the highest performance under the most difficult conditions. In many trackballs the encoder shafts used to sense rotation are also used to support the ball. This design leaves the device vulnerable to damage because any shock applied to the ball is transmitted to the encoders. The use of inflexible suspension points means that, if the trackball is mounted at an angle or is subjected to vibration, the contact between ball and encoder can be broken, thereby stopping meaningful electrical output. And as the ball can never rotate in the direction of both encoder shafts simultaneously, there is a bias in the ball’s rotation that prevents it from operating smoothly. Daco trackballs feature separate support and encoder shafts, optimising function and usability.
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Technical Specifications

  Daco Hand Controllers
Product Category Computer Mice and Pointing Devices
Product Name Trackballs
Mounting Panel Mount
Design Left or Right Hand
Operating Temperature -40 to 158 F (-40 to 70 C)
Applications General Purpose; Industrial / Factory Automation
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