CSC Scientific Company, Inc. Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator

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Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator -  - CSC Scientific Company, Inc.
Fairfax, VA, United States
Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator
Why choose a Karl Fischer volumetric titrator? Volumetric is ideal when working with samples containing higher levels of moisture (generally over 1% or 2%) but also when samples may contain ketones and or aldehydes. In a volumetric system the reagents will be either a composite or a titrant. The reagent is introduced into the titration vessel by way of a piston burette where a precise amount of dosed reagent travels through tubing and out of a titration nozzle. The amount of composite or titrant delivered is based upon the amount of detected moisture found in the sample.
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  CSC Scientific Company, Inc.
Product Category Titration Instruments
Product Name Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator
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