Crane Aerospace & Electronics Non-Blocking, Full Fan-Out Architecture Switch Matrix 1120 RS-422 SWITCH MATRIX


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Non-Blocking, Full Fan-Out Architecture Switch Matrix 1120 RS-422 SWITCH MATRIX
The RS-422 Switch Matrix provides a solution to complex signal routing problems. This device accepts synchronous and non-synchounous data inputs and routes them to the desired outputs. The matrix provides full fan-out operation, allowing each input to be routed to any or all outputs simultaneously. The system is also non-blocking, meaning that any number of input and output combinations can be connected. This device is ideal for large data routing stations. Designed for critical communications installations, the unit includes several features which enhance system reliability and up-time. Redundant and user replaceable power supplies are a feature of the design. They provide an alarm when failure occurs, allowing that power supply to be powered down and replaced from the front of the unit while the matrix remains operational. Other important features include user programmable signal presence/loss detection at each output. A modular design allows user servicability with advanced built-in test features. • Non-Blocking, Full Fan-out Architecture • Differential RS-422 Input/Output • Local Front-Panel and Remote TCP/IP Control • Full Featured Color Graphical Display • Redundant Power Supplies • Signal Output Presence Detection
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  Crane Aerospace & Electronics
Product Category Matrix Switching Systems
Product Number 1120 RS-422 SWITCH MATRIX
Product Name Non-Blocking, Full Fan-Out Architecture Switch Matrix
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