Crane Aerospace & Electronics High Intercept Performance Switch Matrix System 1-2GHZ SWITCH MATRIX SYSTEM


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High Intercept Performance Switch Matrix System 1-2GHZ SWITCH MATRIX SYSTEM
The 1 - 2 GHz Switch Matrix system is designed to be utilized in a satellite communications ground station application. This system sits between the up/down converters and the system modems in order to route the signals to their required paths. The system is designed to be expandable from a base configuration of 12 converters by 48 modems to a maximum configuration of 24 converters to 192 modems. This architecture can be used in a wide variety of installation sizes. Signal fidelity in the unit performance is critical, and this unit responds with exceptional isolation and intercept signal performance. This very high signal fidelity allows for many signals to be routed through matrix simultaneously, while not degrading the quality of the other signals being routed. The unit is controlled using an advanced internal controller, communicating through both front panel keypad and display, and via Ethernet TCP/IP. Built in test features monitor signal paths as well as support circuitry for failures and provide recommendations for service. This system can be custom configured for customer’s individual needs. Please contact Crane Electronics for further details.
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  Crane Aerospace & Electronics
Product Category Matrix Switching Systems
Product Name High Intercept Performance Switch Matrix System
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