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Our BARRACUDA engineering software package is the ONLY commercial product dedicated exclusively to modeling fluid-particle flows and chemical reactions in industrial-scale FLUIDIZATION units. BARRACUDA is used today by government research laboratories and international FORTUNE 500 companies to make critical decisions on plant design and process optimization. Using BARRACUDA our clients now have a solid engineering and scientific basis for making confident decisions that can have significant financial impact. We have met our client’s demands of being both powerful and fast by giving BARRACUDA the following attributes: Fundamental Physics of Particulate Flows At the most fundamental level BARRACUDA gets the physics right. Using a fixed-grid Eulerian method it models the gas or liquid fluid phase in a traditional CFD manner; the particulate solids, however are modeled as millions of discrete entities with a Lagrangian, or gridless, approach. BARRACUDA can even capture the all-important physics resulting from particle size distributions (PSD). Users may specify any arbitrary PSD, plus define an unlimited number of distinct species, such as sand or coal. Other physics are there too including fully coupled fluid-to-particle drag, true wall impact and reflections, and chemical reactions involving the particulate solids, including the gasification behavior that results in a size reduction during the calculation. Validation with Fluidization Experimental Data CPFD Software is a full member of Particulate Solids Research Inc. (PSRI) in order to validate that our software is precise and accurate, capturing complex fluidization behavior inside large experimental systems. PSRI is a client and uses BARRACUDA to design experiments as well as to help understand the resulting behaviors such as gas bypassing. We also have validation studies from open literature data, as well as with our client’s proprietary data. We know it works! Fast Running – Breakthrough Numerical Technology Any simulation of a fluidization unit being done to make critical plant decisions must: (i) be fully three-dimensional (3D), (ii) simulate a sufficient time period to obtain meaningful engineering quasi-steady behavior, (often several minutes and in some cases an hour) and (iii) include parametric or trade-off studies to ensure an optimized design has been obtained. BARRACUDA® can ensure all three conditions are met thanks to the ability to be both fast and powerful; this is achieved by our proprietary numerical technology: CPFD® or computational-partic le-fluid-dynamics. The CPFD numerical method’s formulation has been published by company Co-Founder, Dr. Dale Snider, in the Journal of Computational Physics and other peer-reviewed scientific publications.
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  CPFD Software, LLC
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