Corsair Memory Vengeance® 1100 Communication Headset CA-9011113-WW


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Vengeance® 1100 Communication Headset - CA-9011113-WW - Corsair Memory
Fremont, CA, USA
Vengeance® 1100 Communication Headset CA-9011113-WW
The Vengeance 1100 Communication Headset: lightweight audio that's great for gaming, VOIP, and video calling The Vengeance 1100's lightweight design provides a comfortable and secure fit. Lightweight, behind-the-head design The Vengeance 1100 gaming headset rests lightly on the ears for audio that’s heard, but not felt. Clever ergonomics help keep the 1100 firmly in place, so your audio gear never interrupts your gaming, chatting, or video sessions. 40mm audio drivers The 40mm drivers — extraordinarily large for a lightweight headset — deliver audio with fidelity, accuracy and range that lets you really get into the game and hear your friends and opponents with detailed clarity. And since it's not always about gaming and video calling, the carefully tuned audio will do justice to your favorite music and movies, too. High-sensitivity noise-cancelling cardioid microphone with flexible boom Whether you're barking instructions to your teammates or chatting with old friends, you deserve to be heard. The microphone's tuned to capture your voice loudly and clearly, while screening out distracting background noises. It flexes to fit your face, and flips out of sight when you're not using it. Connect using 3.5mm analog cables or use the included USB adapter — it's your choice. USB and analog connections for universal compatibility The dual 3.5mm connectors work with virtually any sound card and any PC with onboard audio. Or, attach the included USB adapter for great-sounding audio with a single connection. It's PC and Mac friendly and great for gaming on the go. Soft-touch materials and elastomer headband lining Vengeance 1100 feels good in your hands and good on your head. The advanced elastic polymer design gives you get a fit that's snug and reliable, without the binding or pinching you might experience on lesser headsets. Corsair audio: a sound philosophy Comfort, fidelity, and playing to win At Corsair, we believe that you need more than just dramatic audio. You need the comfort that allows you to play or talk for hours without thinking about what’s on your head. You need fidelity that gives you a listening experience that’s not just immersive — it must also be true to the source material. And, of course, you need the detailed positioning and situational awareness that lets you play your best.
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  Corsair Memory
Product Category Headsets
Product Number CA-9011113-WW
Product Name Vengeance® 1100 Communication Headset
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