Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. Mica Capacitor CMR06F152FPDP

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Mica Capacitor - CMR06F152FPDP - Richardson RFPD
Geneva, IL, United States
Mica Capacitor CMR06F152FPDP
Richardson RFPD, an Arrow Company, is a specialized electronic component distributor providing design engineers with deep technical expertise and localized global design support for the latest new products from the world's leading suppliers of RF, Wireless, Energy and Power Technologies.
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Technical Specifications

  Richardson RFPD
Product Category Capacitors
Product Number CMR06F152FPDP
Product Name Mica Capacitor
Mounting Style Radial Dipped
Operating Temperature -55 to 150 C (-67 to 302 F)
Capacitance Range 0.0015 microF
WVDC 500 volts
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