CoorsTek Precision Fixed Ceramic Gauges, Cera-Check® Parallels Parallels


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Precision Fixed Ceramic Gauges, Cera-Check® Parallels - Parallels - CoorsTek
Golden, CO, USA
Precision Fixed Ceramic Gauges, Cera-Check® Parallels Parallels
CoorsTek, a leading global engineered ceramics manufacturer, offers a full line of precision measurement instruments for machine setup and calibration use. CeraCheck instruments are manufactured from durable aluminum oxide ceramic materials, a lightweight alternative to unwieldy granite and steel instruments. CeraCheck advanced ceramic instruments offer superior hardness, excellent dimensional stability, and the best stiffness to-weight ratio of competitive materials. CeraCheck products are available in the following standard shapes: Master squares Surface plates Parallels and sets Straight edges If our standard shapes do not meet your needs, CoorsTek will design and manufacture custom items to your specifications. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Extended Calibration Life Manufactured from advanced ceramic materials with exceptional hardness, CoorsTek CeraCheck instruments are significantly harder than granite or steel, resulting in decreased wear. Improved Durability CoorsTek advanced alumina is completely non-porous and inert—eliminating moisture absorption and corrosion, and making CeraCheck instrumentation especially useful in high temperature and high-humidity environments. Repeatable Accuracy In comparison to steel or granite, CoorsTek high-purity ceramic materials have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, providing consistent and accurate measurements — time after time. Easier Handling and Lifting CeraCheck precision measurement instruments are one-half the weight of steel, and one-third the weight of granite, so lifting, handling, and transporting are a one person task. Contact us today for more information.
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Product Category Dimensional Gages and Instruments
Product Number Parallels
Product Name Precision Fixed Ceramic Gauges, Cera-Check® Parallels
Gage / Instrument Type Gage Block; Gage Block, Master, or Setting Gage
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