Cooner Wire Company Flat Braided Wire NE 8336

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Flat Braided Wire - NE 8336 - Cooner Wire Company
Chatsworth, CA, USA
Flat Braided Wire NE 8336
Flexible flat braided ground strap or flexible tubular braided wire meet AA 59569 (formerly QQB575) and are available in tinned copper, and silver plated copper constructions. Cooner Wire’s braided copper strap provides high performance, high flexibility and is available in stock. Other braided wire constructions can also be fabricated utilizing specialty materials such as nickel-plated copper, gold-plated copper, pure silver, pure nickel, gold alloys, monel, bronze and more. Additionally, any braided wire can also be constructed as a Type 7 Litz Wire (film insulated). We invite your inquiry.
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Technical Specifications

  Cooner Wire Company
Product Category Bare Conductor Wire and Cable
Product Number NE 8336
Product Name Flat Braided Wire
Cable Conductor Copper and Copper Alloys
Conductor Weight 0.0019 lbs/ft (0.0029 g/mm)
North American 22 AWG
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