Continental Products Corp. Powder Mixer Rollo-Mixer® Mk VIII

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Powder Mixer - Rollo-Mixer® Mk VIII - Continental Products Corp.
Milwaukee, WI, USA
The Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer® is a dry blender designed for uniformly blending dry food grade powders vitamins, nutraceuticals, sports drink powders and dietary supplement powders. Data shows the Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer® to be one of the best dry powder blenders for mixing supplement and food powders. It has been setting high standards in the contract manufacturing and dietary supplement industries for many years now. Tests have proven and results have shown the Mk VIII to be superior for uniformity, clean-out and overall efficiency than typically used dry powder blenders in those industries such as V, cone, and ribbon or paddle blenders. This dry blending equipment design is excellent for high purity batch mixing applications, where cleanout and easy access are critical for quick product change, such as: nutritional powders, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, powdered drink mixes, supplement powders, and other food grade powders. Also, metal powders, plastic piping & tubing and refractory ceramic powders. Food grade package for high purity dry powder mixing Blend micrograms into hundreds of lbs uniformly in minutes Test proven superior uniformity & cleanout to V & cone blenders Consistent uniform mixing in minutes Rinse, clean & dry in under 15 minutes Available in 9 sizes, from 3.5 to 400 cu ft
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Technical Specifications

  Continental Products Corp.
Product Category Industrial Mixers
Product Number Rollo-Mixer® Mk VIII
Product Name Powder Mixer
Mounting Floor Mounted
Capacity (volumetric) 3.5 to 400 cubic feet (99.11 to 11327 liters)
Display Type Digital Numerical Display
Additional Capabilities De-dusting, Impregnating
User Interface Digital
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