Competition Chemicals, Inc. All-Metal Polish Simichrome

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All-Metal Polish - Simichrome - Competition Chemicals, Inc.
Iowa Falls, IA, USA
All-Metal Polish Simichrome
Its unique, finely mixed formula produces a rich, brilliant shine on any uncoated, non-ferrous, metal surface including, brass, gold, silver, aluminum, magnesium, pewter, chrome, sterling, copper and stainless steel. Used by professionals for years, Simichrome does a beautiful job of removing surface rust from chrome, polishing aluminum until it looks like new, even sprucing up delicate, heirloom family silver. And it won’t leave scratches or abrasive marks. In as little as 30 seconds, you can watch a small, faded item goes from dull, oxidized metal to a having a perfect mirror finish. In addition to restoring the original luster, Simichrome also leaves an invisible, protective coating to prevent further tarnishing and help keep the shine much longer. A solid favorite for home, industry, auto, motorcycle and antique users, Simichrome is the fastest, most effective metal polishing and cleaning agent in the industry today.
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Technical Specifications

  Competition Chemicals, Inc.
Product Category Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments
Product Number Simichrome
Product Name All-Metal Polish
Type Surface Treatment; Abrasive; Rust Remover; Cleaner
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