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Carbon Chain Shackle
WLL: 1/2 to 35 Tons Sizes: 1/4 to 2 in. CM Industrial/Governmen t Rated Carbon Shackles are designed with a 5:1 design factor. Chain shackles are best suited for straight-line pulls. Manufactured from technically advanced micro alloy steel with optimal hardness for strength and ductility. Working load limit and traceability codes shown as permanent markings on body All shackles have alloy quenched and tempered pins Available in sizes 1/4" to 2" Available with galvanized finish per ASTM A153 All bolt, nut & cotter shackles have thread-protected ends Shackles meet dimensional and performance requirements of RR-C-271 Standard industry tolerances apply CM Smart ID RFID technology is available as an option on screw pin anchor shackles sizes 1/2" to 1-3/4" and bolt, nut & cotter shackles sizes 3/4" to 1-3/4".
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Technical Specifications

  Columbus McKinnon Corporation Hoists & Rigging Products
Product Category Shackles
Product Name Carbon Chain Shackle
Shackle Type Chain / D Shackle
Mouth Width 0.4700 to 3.28 inch (11.94 to 83.31 mm)
Shackle Inside Diameter 0.7500 to 4.53 inch (19.05 to 115 mm)
Materials Steel
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