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Integrated Piezoelectric Accelerometers 8303
The Model 8303 Piezoelectric Accelerometer is a completely self-contained vibration measuring system having a built-in amplifier within the housing. It is designed for the measurement of low to moderate level shock and vibrations. The sensor incorporates a hybrid electronic assembly within a rugged, welded, double-wall stainless steel body to enhance its operation in humid and dirty environments. The doublewall, electrically isolated construction provides additional isolation from metallic structures, which aids in acquiring accurate, wideband shock and vibration data uncorrupted by electrical ground loop currents. The sensor module is bonded into the outer stainless steel body with a high performance epoxy. Internal electrical damping limits the resonant Q to less than 30 dB. Low impedance output of 100 ohms or less allows operation directly into standard readout equipment without auxiliary signal conditioning, and is capable of driving up to 1,000 feet of shielded cable. Features Vibration & Shock Low Impedance Output Sensitivity 100 mV/g Small Size, Lightweight (29 Gm) Electrically Isolated Hermetically Sealed
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Technical Specifications

  Columbia Research Labs, Inc.
Product Category Vibration Sensors
Product Number 8303
Product Name Integrated Piezoelectric Accelerometers
Frequency Range 2 to 7000 Hz
Sensor Outputs Acceleration
Sensor Technology Piezoelectric
Operating Temperature -40 to 121 F (-40 to 49 C)
Accuracy 5.00 +/-% FS
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