Columbia Research Labs, Inc. Special Application Piezoelectric Accelerometers 704D


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Special Application Piezoelectric Accelerometers 704D
The Model 704D "ring-shaped" Piezoelectric Accelerometer permits easy installation in locations that are inaccessible with standard shaped units. The mounting arrangement of this design, using a bolt-down technique through a center clearance hole, allows complete 360-degree rotation of the output connector to any convenient position. Although the unit is very small in size and lightweight, the unique and proven case design provides complete mechanical isolation of the sensing element so that the accelerometer is insensitive to mounting strains, bending stresses, cable whip, pressure variations and most heat transients. Internal electrical isolation minimizes ground loop problems from noise currents. Features 360 Deg Cable Rotation Sensitivity 14 pC/g Low Base Strain Sensitivity Electrically Isolated
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Technical Specifications

  Columbia Research Labs, Inc.
Product Category Vibration Sensors
Product Number 704D
Product Name Special Application Piezoelectric Accelerometers
Frequency Range 1 to 2000 Hz
Sensor Outputs Acceleration
Sensor Technology Piezoelectric
Operating Temperature -54 to 260 F (-48 to 127 C)
Accuracy 5.00 +/-% FS
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