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Laminar Flow Module - CAP130 - Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Laminar Flow Module CAP130
The CAP130 Laminar Flow Module provides clean horizontal laminar airflow. The units may be used separately or in groups to form a wall for a cleanroom or tunnel. They are made in two basic styles to meet a variety of applications. The ability to change the filter and do maintenance from the front allows placement of the model CAP132 Laminar Flow Module against a wall without the need for a rear walkway, thereby increasing usable space in the clean work area. The CAP133 Laminar Flow Module HEPA filters are serviced from the front, but other maintenance (blowers, motors and prefilters) is done from the rear of the unit. Painted structural material offers the ultimate in appearance and in resistance to abuse. They are highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion, stains, and chemicals. High quality, excellent appearance, and ruggedness have been achieved with the Series 130 Laminar Flow Module through the use of a new wrap-around structural design. Close attention has been paid to every detail. The cabinet volume has been designed to offer the least envelope for each work area... thus minimizing weight and space. The airflow is factory-set with filter face velocity of 90 fpm. This is maintained by adjusting blower speed as the filter resistance increases over period of use. The HEPA filter is 99.99% effective on particles 0.3 micron and larger, is DOP tested, and is leak probed. (Optional ULPA filters are available). The blower utilizes a belt drive motor with a variable pitch pulley on the motor for adjusting the speed of the blower. The assembly is mounted on vibration isolated mounts to assure quiet operation. Features of Laminar Flow Modules All- metal construction - no particle board Protective grill for the absolute HEPA filter Quiet, energy efficient belt drive blower Meets or exceeds the requirements of Federal Standard 209E Meets or exceeds NEC electrical codes
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  Clean Air Products
Product Category Air Purifiers
Product Number CAP130
Product Name Laminar Flow Module
Technology HEPA Air Purifier
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