Clark Solutions Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve 8P0129/8P0131(T,L) 3-Way Brass


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Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve - 8P0129/8P0131(T,L) 3-Way Brass - Clark Solutions
Hudson, MA, USA
Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve 8P0129/8P0131(T,L) 3-Way Brass
Striving for low operating torque on ball valves has been the goal of every ball valve manufacturer. All 8P direct mount ball valves are designed with the lowest possible operating torque versus all other ball valves used in industry today. The traditional "floating" style ball valve that is so widely used today has sealing components that are forcibly compressed together in order to make an effective ball to seat connection. This ensures tight sealing in the field, which is a priority. However, during the assembly process the ball itself is being "driven" to seal on the downstream seat. This assembly technique, with contact of the O.D. of the ball to the downstream TFE seat, forms a "set" or a deformation/indentat ion to the seat itself. This downstream sealing is the industry standard and perhaps the only way for general purpose ball valves to operate and effectively seal. The end result creates a high initial breakaway torque simply because when operated, the ball is attempting to dislodge itself from the deformed downstream seating surface. All 8P series brass and 2-way SS direct mount ball valves incorporate technologically advanced “O” ring back TFE seats to dramatically reduce operating torque. To start, Viton O-rings are inserted into grooves formed and located on the backside of the TFE seat itself. They are preassembled as a unit and then assembled into the valves.
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Technical Specifications

  Clark Solutions
Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Number 8P0129/8P0131(T,L) 3-Way Brass
Product Name Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve
Primary Material Brass / Bronze
Valve Type Ball
Media Air; Compressed Air
Actuation Pneumatic
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