Clark Solutions Series 2600 PVC Flow Switch 2600-42953


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Series 2600 PVC Flow Switch - 2600-42953 - Clark Solutions
Hudson, MA, USA
Series 2600 PVC Flow Switch 2600-42953
Series 2600 flow switches are manufactured to exacting standards and provide accurate flow detection for most applications. Product inspection involves calibrated tools and gages traceable to National Bureau of Standards Switch function involves magnet equipped PVC shuttle that is displaced at the proper calibrated flow of liquid to actuate the hermetically sealed reed switch. The flow swtches are broadly used as OEM components, in water & waste facilities, irrigation, HVAC equipment and any process where the materials of construction and function are suitable.
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Technical Specifications

  Clark Solutions
Product Category Volumetric Liquid Flow Switches
Product Number 2600-42953
Product Name Series 2600 PVC Flow Switch
Mounting In-line
Operating Pressure 150 psi (106 m H2O)
Poles Single Pole
Operating Temperature -4 to 252 F (-20 to 122 C)
End Fittings Socket Weld / Union
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