CITGO Petroleum Corporation Grease UltraLife™ CSEP 5M Grease


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CITGO UltraLife CSEP 5M Grease is an advanced calcium sulfonate complex grease engineered to provide outstanding EP (Extreme Pressure) performance, and superior corrosion protection in a variety of high temperature applications. It is specially formulated to protect even the most heavily loaded joints against galling, wear and corrosion, under dry or wet working conditions. CITGO UltraLife CSEP 5M Grease contains 5% molybdenum disulfide for added protection and longer service life in severe applications. The exceptional EP properties go beyond the norm, providing that extra protection needed in construction, mining, paper mills and other heavy industries. It has been designed to maximize component life and reduce re-lubrication frequency. The Four Ball EP Weld Point Test is a measure of how well a grease will stand up to the shock loading and direct metal-to-metal contact typically found in off-highway/construc tion/mining applications. As seen in the graph below, CITGO UltraLife CSEP 5M Grease outperforms the competition while matching the performance set by the leading OEM branded grease.
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  CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Product Category Industrial Lubricants
Product Number UltraLife™ CSEP 5M Grease
Product Name Grease
Type Grease / Gel
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