CITGO Petroleum Corporation Grease SynDurance® ST Synthetic Greases


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CITGO SynDurance ST Synthetic Greases are scientifically engineered high performance greases designed for a wide variety of heavy duty applications. They are formulated with a high quality lithium complex thickener system combined with the exceptional features of synthetic base oils that can significantly increase bearing life and equipment reliability. CITGO SynDurance ST Synthetic Greases are formulated to provide excellent wear control, extreme EP performance, and superior water resistance critical in a variety of applications today. The corrosion protection designed into these greases goes above and beyond in those applications where corrosive environments are an everyday occurrence. CITGO SynDurance ST Synthetic Greases provide superior protection in heavily loaded industrial, mining and construction applications providing low temperature pumpability, low starting and running torque offering potential for energy savings and can reduce operating temperatures of the bearing.
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  CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Product Category Industrial Lubricants
Product Number SynDurance® ST Synthetic Greases
Product Name Grease
Type Grease / Gel
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