CITGO Petroleum Corporation Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Special Naphtholite 66/3 (VM&P)


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Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Special Naphtholite 66/3 (VM&P)
CITGO 's Special Naphtholite 66/3 (low aromatic VM&P) is a low boiling aliphatic solvent consisting primarily of C8-C9 saturated hydrocarbons. CITGO 's Special Naphtholite is hydrotreated to reduce aromatics and olefins and meets the definition of non-photochemically reactive as defined by 66/3 Rule requirements. Meets ASTM D-3735, Type IV Specifications.
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  CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Product Category Organic Chemicals
Product Number Special Naphtholite 66/3 (VM&P)
Product Name Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
Trigger Solvent
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