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CITGO Summer Railroad Curve Grease No. 1 and CITGO Winter Railroad Curve Grease No. 0 are Anhydrous Calcium thickened greases formulated with graphite to provide outstanding wear resistance. Excellent Flow Characteristics: CITGO Railroad Curve Grease has a smooth buttery texture that provides exceptional spray characteristics. CITGO Railroad Curve Grease sprays through the applicator nozzle in a consistent spray to coat the rail sides with a highly wear resistant film. The smooth consistency enables the product to flow through the applicator without clogging and without flow interruptions. Outstanding Wear Protection: This product contains graphite to provide outstanding wear protection to the rail curves. Water Resistance: CITGO Railroad Curve Grease is extremely resistant to water. This grease adheres to the rail, even in humid and rainy environments.
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Technical Specifications

  CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Product Category Industrial Lubricants
Product Number Railroad Curve Grease
Product Name Grease
Type Grease / Gel
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