CITGO Petroleum Corporation Compressor Lubricant CompressorGard® H-Series


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Compressor Lubricant CompressorGard® H-Series
CITGO CompressorGard H-Series fluids are formulated with the highest quality synthetic base stocks. It is formulated to address thermal degradation and deposit formation commonly observed in reciprocating compressors. The CITGO CompressorGard H-Series products are designed for use in natural gas compression service. CITGO CompressorGard H-Series products provide equipment protection against wear, thermal and oxidative deposits. The H-Series products provide excellent rust and corrosion protection in the presence of hydrogen sulfide and offer excellent low temperature service.
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Technical Specifications

  CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Product Category Industrial Lubricants
Product Number CompressorGard® H-Series
Product Name Compressor Lubricant
Type Fluid / Oil
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