CITGO Petroleum Corporation Industrial Gear Lubricant CITGEAR® XCO Oils


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Industrial Gear Lubricant CITGEAR® XCO Oils
CITGO CITGEAR XCO Oils are premium lubricants that provide excellent bearing and gear lubrication performance in steel industry applications such as high speed rod mills. CITGO CITGO CITGEAR XCO Oils are formulated with high quality paraffinic base oils and contain additive systems that assure: • Excellent oil/water separation which allow water removal from gear and bearing systems • High level of wear protection for critical machinery • Outstanding rust and corrosion protection in wet environments • Excellent oxidation stability for long service life • Premium anti-foam properties • High thermal stability minimizes formation of heat related sludge and varnishes
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Technical Specifications

  CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Product Category Petroleum and Mineral Oil Products
Product Number CITGEAR® XCO Oils
Product Name Industrial Gear Lubricant
Composition / Chemistry Petroleum or Mineral Oil
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