CITGO Petroleum Corporation Industrial Gear Lubricant CITGEAR® Synthetic PAG Gear Fluids


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Industrial Gear Lubricant CITGEAR® Synthetic PAG Gear Fluids
CITGO CITGEAR Synthetic PAG (polyalkylene glycol) Gear Fluids are premium products designed to provide optimum performance in gear boxes, worm gears, bearings, blowers, reciprocating compressors, and hydraulic systems well beyond the capabilities of mineral oils. • Outstanding thermal and oxidative stability, and resistance to sludge and deposit formation. • High viscosity indexes and low pour points allow for a greater useable temperature range. • Low coefficients of friction, reduces operating temperatures, offering a potential energy savings. • Multipurpose industrial equipment capability.
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  CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Product Category Industrial Lubricants
Product Number CITGEAR® Synthetic PAG Gear Fluids
Product Name Industrial Gear Lubricant
Type Fluid / Oil
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