CITGO Petroleum Corporation Industrial Gear Lubricant CITGEAR® HT Synthetic Lubricants


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Industrial Gear Lubricant CITGEAR® HT Synthetic Lubricants
CITGO CITGEAR Synthetic HT Gear Lubricants are a complete line of products designed for gear applications operating at high temperatures and/or very low temperatures, severe conditions not requiring extreme pressure (EP) protection. Compared to conventional mineral oil based products, CITGEAR Synthetic HT lubricants offer exceptionally low pour points and high viscosity indexes. The high viscosity index provides higher viscosities and more film thickness at high temperatures and lower viscosities at low temperatures for easy start-up. They exhibit low foaming tendencies, oxidation resistance, and provide rust and corrosion protection. CITGO CITGEAR Synthetic HT Lubricants have lower coefficients of friction than conventional mineral oils as determined in steel on steel measurements. This characteristic translates to lower operating temperatures which can extend component life as well as reduce energy consumption.
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  CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Product Category Industrial Lubricants
Product Number CITGEAR® HT Synthetic Lubricants
Product Name Industrial Gear Lubricant
Type Fluid / Oil
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