CITEL SURGE PROTECTION Coaxial Surge Protector - 4GHz P8AX Series


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Coaxial Surge Protector - 4GHz - P8AX Series - CITEL SURGE PROTECTION
Miramar, FL, USA
Coaxial Surge Protector - 4GHz P8AX Series
Citel’s P8AX Series is a ultra low capacitance gas discharge tube (GDT) based surge arrestor designed for use in high frequency RF applications up to 4 GHz. The P8AX protects sensitive equipment connected to a single coaxial line from a direct lightning strike. The P8AX is installed in series with the line and has several standard grounding options including a grounding screw, mounting bracket or bulkhead. The P8AX can be used in systems supplying up to +/- 48 volts DC via the coaxial cable and can be provided in 25, 190, 780W versions for any 50 or 75 ohm network.
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Product Category Surge Suppressors
Product Number P8AX Series
Product Name Coaxial Surge Protector - 4GHz
Mounting In-line or Integrally Attached
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