Cirrus Logic, Inc. CobraNet Controller with Audio DSP CS496122


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CobraNet Controller with Audio DSP - CS496122 - Cirrus Logic, Inc.
Austin, TX, USA
CobraNet Controller with Audio DSP CS496122
The CS4961xx family of ICs integrates Cirrus Logic’s highly regarded audio digital signal processor (DSP) with Cirrus Logic’s CobraNet® technology, which delivers uncompressed digital audio over Ethernet networks. The results are highly optimized audio system processors that offer dramatic system cost savings and enhanced audio processing features for manufacturers of professional, commercial and consumer networked-audio products. The CS4961xx audio system processors, which include the CS496102, the CS496112 and the CS496122, reduce system costs because they allow for the removal of a separate, dedicated audio DSP on the board design. This 32-bit fixed-point DSP core features 120 MIPS for custom programming, and these three ICs provide 2, 8 or 16 simultaneous channels of audio input and output at up to 96 kHz sample rates. They also provide multiple 16, 20 or 24-bit audio connections across an Ethernet network; two-way audio control and monitoring is possible at any point along the network. Featuring a high-speed parallel host port interface, the CS4961xx allows optional connection to a host processor and offers Ethernet-based control, monitoring and management via industry standard SNMP. Firmware can be easily updated over Ethernet or via the host interface. Additional control and monitoring functions are also provided by the built-in asynchronous and packet-bridge functions. The ICs are designed to expand the market for CobraNet-enabled networked digital audio products such as power amplifiers, mixers, signal processors, intercom systems, ceiling speakers, loudspeakers, paging systems and high-end networked consumer audio gear. Features Combines CobraNet® technology with a 32-bit DSP core Integration reduces overall system costs Simplifies overall system design effort 2x2, 8x8, 16x16 channel ICs Supports 48 kHz and up to 96 kHz sample rates Selectable latency of 1.33, 2.66 or 5.33 ms across network 32-bit synchronous serial digital audio I/O Ethernet control Parallel host control Asynchronous serial control transport 120 MIPS DSP on programmable core Audio may be processed from network or local inputs and sent to local outputs or to the network Fully supported by DSP Conductor™ software for drag and drop DSP programming Available in 144-pin LQFP; lead-free assembly
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Technical Specifications

  Cirrus Logic, Inc.
Product Category Audio Processor ICs
Product Number CS496122
Product Name CobraNet Controller with Audio DSP
Input Signal Digital
Number of Channels 2 to 16 #
Output Signal Digital
Package/Case 144-pin LQFP
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