Chonghong Industries(Microwork)Ltd. Sapphire Slicing, Grinding and Polishing

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Sapphire Slicing, Grinding and Polishing
Since year of 2004, Chonghong has been engaged in precision machining and polishing fabricator of parts from industrial sapphire, industrial ceramic and quartz. We machine these materials to very precise tolerances (precisely at 0.005mm), flatness, perpendicularity, parrallelism, wedge and roundness or cylindricity. Our customers typically have very tight tolerance requirement in some critical application in these materials. We have full capability to grinding and polishing( including CMP polishment )spherical radius parts (such as sapphire tube, sapphire dome) and minimum orifice hole at dimension 100 micron in a variety of hard materials, both inside and outside diameters to meet optical requirements. Chonghong features include: Extremely high accuracy and tight tolerance borehole machining High speed laser drilling machining High speed 5-axis CNC center for high-precision machining of the most complex parts Automated centerless grinding Automated slotter maching Hole Polishment maching Sapphire material slicing Windows Lapping & Polishing(Double & Single Side)High efficiency/low cost volume production Low-volume prototype machining RoHS and REACH compliant
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  Chonghong Industries(Microwork)Ltd.
Product Category Machine Shop Services
Product Name Sapphire Slicing, Grinding and Polishing
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Chonghong Industries (Microwork) Ltd. is one of the branch companies of Chonghong Industries Ltd.

Microwork has been dedicated in the distribution of manufactured precision components (mainly single crystal sapphire & ruby material) to OEM's in fluidic, metrology, medical, semiconducting, optical, electrical, chemical industries made from industrial sapphire & ruby, ceramic and glass material.

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