Chengdu Fuyu Technology Co., Ltd Linear Module--Stainless Steel/Ball Screw/Rail Guide FTH14


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Linear Module--Stainless Steel/Ball Screw/Rail Guide FTH14
[Technical Feature] The dual-track linear module developed by FUYU has a body width of 14cm, which runs more smoothly and has strong stability. The repeated positioning accuracy can reach +/- 0.02mm, bass noise, and high load. It is one of the main products used in the international market. [Range of Application] Laser cutting machine, PV back sheet cutting engraving machine, transportation mechanical arm, assistant device, Electric research test function demonstration, kinds of industrial automatic production line, kinds of precision machinery processing. Industry automation for semiconductor device, LED online device, solar equipment, FPD equipment. Series: FTH14-BC Stroke Range: 50mm~1250mm Module Width: 135mm Repeat Position Accuracy: 0.02mm Lead: 5/10/20mm Speed Range: 250/500/1000mm/s² Horizontal Load Capacity: 110/90/40kg Vertical Load Capacity: 30/25/10kg
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Technical Specifications

  Chengdu Fuyu Technology Co., Ltd
Product Category Linear Slides and Linear Stages
Product Number FTH14
Product Name Linear Module--Stainless Steel/Ball Screw/Rail Guide
Bearing Type Linear Guide Bearing
Device Type Ball Slide; Multi-Axis Configuration
Drive Type Ball Screw
Axis Configuration X Axis Only (optional feature); Z Axis Only (optional feature); X-Y Axes (optional feature); X-Y Open Frame (optional feature); X-Z Axes (optional feature); X-Y-Z Axes (optional feature)
Orientation Vertical; Inverted (optional feature); Gantry; Horizontal
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