Chengdu Fuyu Technology Co., Ltd Linear Actuator--Belt Driven/High Speed/Double Track FTB12


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Linear Actuator--Belt Driven/High Speed/Double Track FTB12
[Product Parameters] Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm Horizontal rated load: 10kg Rail specification: double rail W12xH8 Vertical rated load: Please contact us for special requirements Screw/belt specifications: HTD5M-15 Rated load 0ise: 70dB-80dB Lead: 35mm Acceleration: 3000mm/s Maximum speed: 1750mm/s Working temperature: -15?~+60?[Feature Advantages] 6063-T6 aluminum semi-enclosed design Compression resistance is 1.5-2 times that of ordinary aluminum Double track structure - the stability is improved by more than 50%, the force is more even, and the side-hanging performance is better. Internal and external maintenance of the induction slot Concave groove design on the side, reserved screws, easy disassembly and assembly of various sensing devices; support for built-in sensing devices to ensure beautiful appearance. High speed and Operation Silent The 45 steel synchro0us wheel is highly fitted to the polyamide steel wire toothed belt and the friction is effectively reduced by 50%.
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Technical Specifications

  Chengdu Fuyu Technology Co., Ltd
Product Category Linear Slides and Linear Stages
Product Number FTB12
Product Name Linear Actuator--Belt Driven/High Speed/Double Track
Bearing Type Linear Guide Bearing
Drive Type Belt Drive
Axis Configuration X Axis Only (optional feature); Z Axis Only (optional feature); X-Y Axes (optional feature); X-Y Open Frame (optional feature); X-Z Axes (optional feature)
Orientation Inverted (optional feature); Horizontal
Screw Lead ? to 1.38 inches per (? to 0.2857 s per cm)
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