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Linear Module--Ball Screw/Long Stroke/High Speed FSL80
[Technical Feature] FSL80 linear guide, fully sealed structure, body width 80mm, it is designed for dustproof usage in hard environment, avoid dust or miscellaneous debris fall into body structure to affect working, large stretch, small compression, hard object collision without deformation, oleic acid resistance, high temperature resistance, long service life. [Range of Application] It can be used in combination with single or multiple axes. It is easy to match the required workpieces in various industries and it becomes a simple and practical mechanical arm. It is mainly used in dust free workshops or special fields such as electronics and medical equipment, such as film, Discount, IC printing, CCD online testing, solder automation equipment. Series: FSL80 Stroke Range: 100mm~1500mm Position Accuracy: 0.05mm Max Speed: 300mm/s Max Load: 60kg Ball Screw: G1610
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Technical Specifications

  Chengdu Fuyu Technology Co., Ltd
Product Category Linear Slides and Linear Stages
Product Number FSL80
Product Name Linear Module--Ball Screw/Long Stroke/High Speed
Bearing Type Linear Guide Bearing
Device Type Ball Slide; Multi-Axis Configuration (optional feature)
Drive Type Ball Screw
Axis Configuration X Axis Only (optional feature); Z Axis Only (optional feature); X-Y Axes (optional feature); X-Y Open Frame (optional feature); X-Z Axes (optional feature); X-Y-Z Axes (optional feature)
Orientation Vertical; Inverted (optional feature); Gantry; Horizontal
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