Chengdu Fuyu Technology Co., Ltd Linear Actuator--Double-axis/Belt Driven/Lightweight FPB50


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Linear Actuator--Double-axis/Belt Driven/Lightweight FPB50
[Main Feature] FPB Series modules are driven by synchronous belt, can easily reach long stroke use condition, realized big motion range application, use aluminum made structure, max stroke reach 3500mm, max speed up to 4000mm/s. [Application Area] Laser cutting machine, PV back sheet cutting engraving machine, transportation mechanical arm, assistant device, Electric research test function demonstration, kinds of industrial automatic production line, kinds of precision machinery processing. Series: FPB50 Stroke Range: 100mm-3500mm Position Accuracy: 0.05mm Max Speed: 4000mm/S Max Load: 25kg Module Lead: 95mm
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Technical Specifications

  Chengdu Fuyu Technology Co., Ltd
Product Category Linear Slides and Linear Stages
Product Number FPB50
Product Name Linear Actuator--Double-axis/Belt Driven/Lightweight
Bearing Type Linear Guide Bearing
Drive Type Belt Drive
Axis Configuration X Axis Only (optional feature); Z Axis Only (optional feature); X-Y Axes (optional feature); X-Y Open Frame (optional feature); X-Z Axes (optional feature)
Orientation Inverted (optional feature); Horizontal
Screw Lead ? to 3.74 inches per (? to 0.1053 s per cm)
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