Chemetall Cleaners, In-process - Alkaline Compounds LRS

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Cleaners, In-process - Alkaline Compounds - LRS - Chemetall
New Providence, NJ, United States
Cleaners, In-process - Alkaline Compounds LRS
LRS is a highly alkaline, liquid compound designed for cleaning, paint stripping and derusting. It removes iron oxides, phosphate coatings, resistant paint finishes, drawing and forming lubricants, light flash rust and typical shop soils all in one operation. Thus, it eliminates pickling, neutralizing and the rinses that are needed. LRS is low foaming and has excellent rinse properties; and, with built-in chelates and sequestrants, an outstanding performer in hard water areas. Application is by a soak or spray method.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments
Product Number LRS
Product Name Cleaners, In-process - Alkaline Compounds
Type Corrosive Alkaline; Cleaner
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