Chemetall Cleaners, Pretreatment - Immersion HD 126

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Cleaners, Pretreatment - Immersion - HD 126 - Chemetall
New Providence, NJ, United States
Cleaners, Pretreatment - Immersion HD 126
HD 126 is a powdered, heavy-duty, alkaline cleaner for immersion and rotating barrel applications. HD 126 is formulated to remove mill oils, fabricating oils, smut and shop soils from iron and steel. HD 126 features exceptionally strong surfactant penetrating action and soil-dispersing ability for thorough cleaning and rinsing, as well as long solution life for material savings. HD 126 emulsifies oils, even at high operating temperatures, preventing redeposition on work pieces as they are removed from the tank. HD 126 has no EDTA-type chelates which can interfere with precipitation waste treatment systems, but it does have sequestrants to reduce scale from hard water salts. Because its€™s free-rinsing, HD 126 is ideal for use prior to conversion coating processes, electroplating and vitreous enameling.
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments
Product Number HD 126
Product Name Cleaners, Pretreatment - Immersion
Type Cleaner
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